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Wedding planners in Chennai for offering everything a wedding requires from planning to coordination and from wedding décor to photography. We offer a wide range of wedding services collectively and separately to help people organize their wedding with all its grandeur and excitement.

We are inspired by the excitement of our clients as they step into a new life. We want to accompany them in their magical moment of transition and make it a thrilling experience for them. We want to create a beautiful and stress-free environment for clients and their family to make the beautiful promise of a new life together with their life partners.

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Wedding Budget Management

When it comes to the wedding, most people don’t know how to prepare a good budget and spend the money wisely. They spend money on small and big things without any control or planning increase the wedding expense significantly.

However, when you have experienced wedding planners in Chennai to help you, you won’t fall in this pit. Wedding planners will help you plan a budget based on your preferences and keep the expense under control. A well-planned budget will avoid wasting your hard-earned money while ensuring an astonishing wedding event.

Get the Best Deals with the Help of Wedding Planners in Chennai

The business connections we have built over the years help us to get you special discounts. We have special relationships with various vendors, suppliers, and professionals wedding planning and event management industry in Chennai. They provide special discounts for our clients considering our relationships with them.

Whether it is from the catering team, wedding venue, or entertainment professionals, our wedding planners in Chennai can get you huge discounts. The discounts will help you to reduce the wedding expense or use it for other things to make your wedding more colorful.

Choose from the widest range of wedding venues in Chennai

The business tie-ups with major premium and ordinary wedding venues in Chennai can help us to get you your favorite wedding venue for your wedding. Wedding venues will save the venues in wedding seasons. Wedding venues may reply that the venue is already booked when the clients ask directly because they want to save it for their favorite partners.

However, when our wedding planners in Chennai request the wedding venue for you, the venue management can’t deny our request considering our business relationships. So, you will never have to be disappointed for not getting your favorite wedding venue in Chennai, because the best wedding planners in Chennai are ready here to help you and organize your wedding the way you want.

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Catering Tasting

We know it’s important for you to ensure the quality of the catering team you are going to hire for your wedding. You need something better than the reviews and testimonials. So, we will arrange you a catering tasting opportunity to ensure if the caterer meets your criteria. In catering testing you can look for the following things:

  • Food quality
  • Food presentation
  • Service style

It gives you the opportunity to try different items and choose the best ones for you. We can also arrange a catering tasting party where you can have your family and friends to try various items so you can vote and decide the cuisine for your wedding. However, this will be charged with the full price of the food.

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Why You Should Choose Us

Our team consists of seasoned wedding planners in Chennai with expertise managing hundreds of weddings and other events. Our wedding planners are gifted with a keen eye for detail and an acute ear for listening to the wants and likes of our clients. It gives us a distinctive edge over other wedding planners in Chennai. Our team is capable of translating your likes and preferences into reality. We create creative wedding plans and effortlessly execute them to organize one of a kind wedding.

We are focused on protecting the financial and social interests of our clients. Therefore, we ensure that we try to reduce the wedding cost to the maximum while not compromising the grandeur and magnificence of the wedding. This approach has made us one of the most favorite and most referred wedding planners in Chennai. The wedding organized our team are filled with enthusiasm. The vibrant environment we create through creative decoration energizes the hosts and guests alike.

We promise our clients with a wedding that their guests will never forget in their life. Innovative wedding planning and wedding event management ideas we execute create a lasting impression in the guests. It makes the wedding one of the fond and unforgettable memories of their lifetime.

Choose the best professionals for your wedding

When you hire various professionals for your wedding, you can’t compromise the quality and expertise. This is a unique and most remarkable moment in your life, and you need the best professionals with you. Over the years of our experience in wedding planning, we have met and built long-lasting relationships with various talented professionals. We can get the best among them based on your requirements.



Your wedding day is the most important and memorable day in your life. So, you want the best photographers to capture and eternalize the emotional, romantic, and funny moments at your wedding. It’s also important to choose a photographer who takes beautiful photographs. For a wedding, you need a photographer who takes photos that tell stories. We can get you such photographers who will eternalize your wedding day.

Makeup & Hair

Your wedding is the most auspicious occasion in your life, and you want to look great that day. You are the center of attention at the huge crowd. Good makeup and hairstyle can also increase your confidence and self-esteem which is helpful to keep your enthusiasm and energy all day long. Therefore, you need an experienced makeup artist and hairstylist who can bring out the best in you. As in everything else, we can also help you find reputed makeup professionals for you.

Coordinating Wedding Suppliers, Vendors, and other Professionals

As the wedding day approaches, you may get busy thinking about the dresses other apparels and planning the accommodation other arrangements for the guests. This will prevent you from giving due attention to coordinate the wedding suppliers, vendors, and other professionals.

But don’t worry about that. When you hire our wedding planners, you are entrusting the responsibility of managing your wedding with us. So, we will take care of everything for you.

We will coordinate between the suppliers and vendors and will ensure everything goes as per plan. We will also take the appropriate remedies if anything happens unexpectedly.


Wedding Venue Coordination

When you have our wedding planners in Chennai at your disposal, you don’t have to run around the wedding venue on your wedding day to ensure that everything happens as it should. Our team will take care of the general overseeing or supervision of the wedding venue. Since you would have already planned and discussed your ideas with the wedding planner, a wedding planner can take care of the job for you.

Apart from taking the appropriate steps during the emergencies, we will also liaise between the third-party vendors, service providers to ensure that everything falls into place. Our team of best wedding planners in Chennai is famous for organizing grandeur wedding and giving stress-free wedding experience for the clients.

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